A Tribute To All Who Have Ever "Mothered"

Sharon Buchalter

Posted on May 07 2019

A Tribute To All Who Have Ever "Mothered"

Mother’s Day is all about celebrating mothers and women everywhere.

Mothers are the foundation of humanity. They are the creators of life and are woven into the fabric of life.

These women lose themselves in motherhood. Moms give up sleep, flat tummies, friendships, and free time. A mother’s sacrifice is unmatchable.

However, by losing themselves in motherhood, they also find themselves.

Mothers gain joy, satisfaction, new (smaller) friends, and an incomprehensible wholeness to their puzzle of life.



Mothers teach us our first words. They sooth our first boo-boos. They comfort us in our first real heartbreak.

Mom makes your heart feel at home. Her smile is warmth and pure love.

Mom cuddles you until you drift off to sleep. She kisses your forehead and gives you compliments that stain your soul. She plays, builds, reads, cries, and giggles with you.

Not every woman gets the opportunity to mother her own child.

However, aunts, sisters, cousins, and friends have all “mothered” before. They may not have a tiny human calling them “mommy,” but these women can certainly be dubbed as “Mothers.”



A mother is someone who makes you feel safe and validated.

A mother is someone who loves you and accepts you in every state of life.

A mother gives hugs, quiets tears, and gives the best advice.

With this definition of motherhood, we all have a handful of our own mothers in our lives.

Today is for those women.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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