How to Bond with Your Toddler

Sharon Buchalter

Posted on May 22 2019

Mom holding baby


You are your child’s whole world!

They have learned almost everything they know about life from you!

You give them their warmest cuddles and are the reason for their biggest smiles and giggles.

When a child spends quality time with their parents, their confidence, knowledge, and inner peace grows. This bonding time is crucial to your child’s healthy development.

However, Netflix and social Media can get in the way and deprive your little one of much needed lovin’! Iy's time to tell technology to "move aside" and let the real connection begin!


Baby girl with Little toes diaper


Here are a few easy ways you can bond with your child that you BOTH will enjoy:

Go for a walk

Take a stroll and pull your child in a wagon or ride bikes together. On a hot day, bring along some popsicles for a cool treat!

Play at the park

Bring a blanket and have a picnic. You can also bring along balls and bubbles to make the fun last longer. Then, in the summer, bring a swimsuit and get wet at the splash pad!

Stay inside and play

Put together a puzzle, build with blocks, create a couch-cushion-fort, paint with watercolors, or make a game out of doing those dreaded household chores.


Baby hands painted with water colors


Music and books

Singing along and reading along never gets old! Teach your child a new nursery rhyme or get crafty and make homemade book.

Dig in the dirt

It feels great to get messy sometimes! You will both have fun discovering little critters. You could even plant a few seeds from the apple you ate at lunch and teach your child how to care for plants.

Play dress up

Every kid loves wearing mom’s or dad’s wardrobe and playing pretend! Let your child dress up in your fancy dress and heels or boots and hats. This will become a favorite memory that will last forever.


Kid with fancy dress


Bake something new

Don’t just go for the usual chocolate chip cookies! Create a delicious cake or something you have never made before and let your kid get creative on the decorating. If the finished dessert turns out alright, you could give it to a teacher or neighbor.

Get crafty!

Create something for their room and decorate a picture frame! Get creative and make something with the things you already have in your house and outside too. If a holiday or birthday is coming up, create something to give as a gift!

Play Hide-and-Seek

This game never get old and is fun for all ages. Hide-and-seek gets better when you turn off all the lights in the house and use a flashlight to seek!

Talk to Your Child

Your child has feelings and thoughts of their own and having a conversation with them will increase their trust in you.

Keep this up through the years and your child will come to you in their teenage years and beyond with difficult questions or conversations because you have built a foundation of trust in their youth.


Father holding baby on his shoulder


These different bonding ideas may have sparked a few other ideas of your own!

No matter how you decide to spend quality time with you child, make sure it it authentic.

Put away your phone and ignore any distractions— soak up this time you have with your child.

The years go by faster than you think!

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