Little Toes Disposable Changing Pads (40 Count)

Little Toes Disposable Changing Pads (40 Count)


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Little Toes Natural Disposable Diaper Changing Pad is perfect for home use and on the go diaper changes.

Our natural disposable changing pad is ultra-soft and antimicrobial. Made from a new generation of breathable non-woven materials, Little Toes Changing Pads are  nontoxic and nonirritating on your baby’s delicate skin.

Our disposable changing pad has three layers of protection, which include an ultra-soft front quilted layer, and a 100% leak-proof liner that blocks moisture, keeping your baby dry and comfortable.

The large antimicrobial changing pad measuring 26” x 18” inches, will cover your baby’s full body making diaper changes an easier task. This full-coverage diaper changing pad will protect your baby from germs and keep your changing table pad sanitary.

These pads are also great for on-the-go diaper changes. Use them in public restrooms, airports, and daycare centers, to protect your baby from germs and dirty surfaces for a clean and hygienic diaper change. Never worry about small pads that don't fully cover your changing area again!

Our disposable changing pad are also made without any harsh chemicals, making them eco-friendly. Even the printing ink used for our Little Toes logo pattern is environmentally friendly, which makes it safer for the environment and your baby.

Little Toes disposable diaper changing pad is perfect for sanitary and safe diaper changes at home or on the go.