Little Toes Sampler Pack (2x Diapers, 1 Rash Cream, and 1 Pack of Wipes)

Little Toes Sampler Pack (2x Diapers, 1 Rash Cream, and 1 Pack of Wipe



Introducing Little Toes Bamboo Diapers! 

This sample pack includes: 

  • 2 Bamboo Diapers 
  • 1 Packet of Natural Diaper Rash Cream 
  • 1 Packet of Natural Wipes 

It's all yours today! Free just pay shipping and handling! ** ONE PER CUSTOMER 

Bamboo offers many advantages over regular diapers!

  • Natural Ingredients: Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skin. The fiber is organically smooth and round without chemical treatment, meaning no sharp spurs or harsh chemicals to irritate the skin.
  • Passes the "Take it to the Face Test": It is ultra-soft & silky to the touch, while also strong & absorbent. It has moisture & thermal regulating capabilities that keep your baby’s skin dry & comfortable in any temperature. It's soft enough that if you rubbed it on your face, it wouldn't cause irritation or a rash. If you wouldn't put it on your face why would you put it on your baby? 
  • Eco Friendly Materials: Bamboo has excellent natural antibacterial and deodorizing properties. It grows rapidly and, unlike cotton, thrives without the use of harmful chemical pesticides. It is eco-friendly and can be 100% decomposable in just 180 days, unlike regular diapers that are in the landfill for up to 550 years.

 The Biodegradable Bamboo Fabric in our diapers is 100% Chlorine Free, with no perfumes latex, PVC, TBT or antioxidants. The 100% Bamboo Top Sheet is soft & silky against the skin, but extremely strong & absorbent.


Eco-friendly Materials
We use 100% Biodegradable Bamboo in our diapers, baby wipes, and hand sanitizing wipes.

Bamboo needs very little water to grow and uses less space than cotton to farm. Bamboo is harvested from plantations and never picked from forests, so no animal habitats are ever impacted. Bamboo is 60% more absorbent than cotton and biodegrades in around two weeks.

Natural Ingredients
At Products on the Go, we take care of you first. We are a proud member of the Natural Products Association (NPA) which is the first and only natural product certification in the United States. Founded in 1936, the NPA is the nation’s largest and oldest non-profit organization dedicated to the natural product industry.

Natural products are represented by a wide array of consumer goods that continue to grow in popularity each year. Generally, natural products are considered those formulated without artificial ingredients and that are minimally processed.

Our products contain the best natural ingredients available for each formulation. Even the small amount of preservatives used for freshness and stability are accepted by the Natural Product Association.

Recycled Materials
We love our Mother Earth and know you do too. That’s why we use recycled polyester and paper in our bags and we encourage you to reduce, reuse, and recycle as well.


**offer not valid in Alaska or Hawaii. Regular shipping rates apply.