Little Toes - Our Story

Little Toes is dedicated to providing parents products that will protect their babies from harsh chemicals and ensure that there's some Earth left for them to inherit. Little Toes is a division of Products On The Go, founded by Dr. Sharon Buchalter.

Dr. Sharon Buchalter

Dr. Sharon is a busy mom of two, distinguished psychologist and best-selling author who understands parents’ struggles of trying to find products we know are safe for our babies while fitting into our often-over-scheduled lives. Enter Little Toes™ bamboo eco-friendly certified products. Dr. Sharon has been on a mission for years working to perfect a line of products that are pure and comfortable on babies’ delicate skin, made with premium eco-friendly ingredients like bamboo, and convenient. At Little Toes, we’re there for you every step of the way with products you know you can trust.


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