Our Story

As a clinical psychologist I have counseled many parents while listening to their hopes and fears as well as their frustrations. I heard so many stories about arguments that occurred over simple things as buying the wrong diaper, forgetting something in the diaper bag or forgetting the diaper bag all together. Does this sound familiar? As a mom of two I have also experienced these same emotions and situations. 

Becoming a parent is a joyful experience filled with unknowns and at times stressful circumstances. Afterall you and your partner are now responsible for taking care of the needs of this new little person. There is a whole new world of products you will now need to purchase for quite a long time. For example, did you know that on average a baby will use an average of 2,500 diapers by age 1, and with every diaper you will need at least two baby wipes for every diaper change. You will also need a diaper changing pad and for the days that your baby is in the water, do not forget about the swim diaper. That is a lot of baby diaper changing products you must buy, never mind the time spent finding the right products for your baby’s delicate skin. 

Also, as an MBA who worked in product development, I learned how to understand what consumers need, and how to design products. When developing Little Toes, my goal was to create a brand with the highest quality natural diapers, swim diapers and wipes and other diapering accessories, that also add simplicity and happiness to your life as a parent. Little Toes products will always be responsibly made from plant-based materials with the mindful intention that they are both healthy and safe, while maximizing your baby’s comfort. A comfortable baby is a happy baby! Happy babies make happy parents! 

What makes a baby happy? A soft comfortable dry diaper! That’s why our diapers top and back sheets are made from 100% bamboo fibers, with a super absorbent core that absorbs the urine in less than 9 seconds. Bamboo is great for diapers as it contains antimicrobial, antibacterial and deodorizing properties with rounded fibers creating a soft smooth surface. It’s also naturally hypoallergenic as it does not require pesticides to grow. Also, our bamboo diapers decompose in a landfill when exposed to light in 180 days vs 500 years for a conventional diaper. 

I created Little Toes to provide a complete eco-friendly, natural, healthy, and safe diapering system that moms and dads can trust, while creating a one stop shopping experience. When you buy Little Toes diapers, wipes, swim diapers and changing pads, you can trust that your baby will not have exposure to any harmful ingredients, materials or chemicals that may cause skin irritations or the more severe case of diaper rash. Why would you spend the money buying a natural diaper and not use a natural swim diaper or wipe making your baby susceptible to chemicals that are used in baby products that are known to cause serious skin irritations that may also lead to eczema. 

Also, you never have to worry about the diaper bag again, as we are the only diapering company that offers complete diaper and swim diaper changing sets. It is not a matter of if but when and where Poop Happens. With Little Toes Convenient On-The-Go Sets, you will be ready for those unexpected moments, stress free, giving your baby a healthy and safe on the go diaper change.As the founder and CEO of Little Toes, my mission is to make parenting a little less stressful as well as being a happier experience. My goal is be a part of your parenting journey, coaching you and your baby towards success, while creating great safe natural plant-based products that ensure your baby’s comfort while saving the earth. 

On behalf of my team, we look forward to you and your family joining the Little Toes family.

Dr. Sharon

Dr. Sharon Fried Buchalter 

Dr. Sharon Fried Buchalter is a distinguished Clinical Psychologist, life coach, public speaker, hypnotherapist, and author. Dr. Sharon has worked as a Marriage and Family Therapist, Clinical Social Worker, corporate trainer, development manager and career counselor. She has also been a successful advice columnist for national and local publications. In these diverse capacities, she has worked with people from all walks of life, ranging from inner city teenage parents to CEO’s of major corporations, and has helped them increase happiness and success in both their personal and professional lives. 

Dr. Sharon has an MBA in Business Administration and Policy, from Bernard Baruch College, a master’s degree in social work from NYU, and a Masters and Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University in New York City. She has received the highest accreditation as a board-certified diplomate-fellow in advanced child and adolescent psychology, marital and family relations, psychoeducational assessment, hypnotherapy, and clinical psychology. As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in practice since 1996, Dr. Sharon specializes in counseling children, adolescents, and adults, using a solution-based approach.

Throughout her career, Dr. Sharon’s mission has been to educate, enlighten and empower people of all ages. She has developed revolutionary tools to help couples, parents, and families achieve happiness and success. She has implemented a wide range of workshops ranging from family leadership, new parent survival skills, life skills training for teens and college students, to management training profiles, stress management, mindfulness, and solutions for a healthy centered life. Her first book Children Are People Too, provides eight essential steps designed to strengthen families and empower parents to be their own child's life coach and mentor. Her second book New Parents Are People Too, provides relationship advice for couples entering parenthood for the first time. 

While working with her clients, Dr. Sharon saw how stressful life could be for busy families especially new parents. Also being a mom of two she knew firsthand all the daily tasks and activities that need to be performed and completed. She looked at those tasks and ask how everyday products can, not only help complete the task but make it an enjoyable experience therefore adding happiness to everyday life. She wanted to develop trusted products that are eco-friendly, natural, healthy, and safe providing peace of mind and convenience for parents, outdoors enthusiasts and weekend travelers, while creating a one stop shopping experience. In 2013 Dr. Sharon launched her company Products On The Go LLC .After many years dedicated to product development and research, in 2018 she debuted the Little Toes brand of natural diapering products. 

 Dr. Sharon’s diverse professional experience in both business and psychology has given her a unique perspective on what tools a parent needs to raise a happy baby and to that extension be a happy parent and family!  

How We Give Back

When you buy, you give back too! 

Dr. Sharon is an active philanthropist, whose personal value of giving back and promoting social responsibility is part of our mission to bring happiness to people’s lives. When you buy a product from Products On The Go’s brands, Little Toes, or Sunshine On The Go, a portion of your purchase is used to donate products. We give back to local communities throughout the US. By donating to hospitals, pediatrician offices, clinics, shelters, diaper banks, and other organizations within the communities, as well as disaster relief programs.Dr. Sharon also founded a 501 © (3) non-profit dedicated to helping children and families in crisis. Rescue Mission Unlimited provides a variety of services that include medical help for critically/terminally ill children, rehabilitation services, and housing to victims of domestic abuse, helping children and families with special needs and natural disaster assistance.