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Little Toes diapers are proudly made 100% made of bamboo fiber.
From the top sheet and the back sheet, it makes it super breathable and super absorbent. Since it’s made from natural and organic materials, it is hypoallergenic and chemical-free. They also don't use Chlorine, Alcohol, Perfumes, Latex PVC, TBT, Antioxidants, Phthalates or Preservatives.

Now, that’s real comfort for both parent and baby.

Products On The Go is a business which formulates and distributes natural, recyclable prepackaged sets. We’re a solution based company’, and work quite closely with customers to produce the ideal purchasing opportunities, tailored for their requirements.

Our product lines stand out positively among major CPG opponents’ product lines, as we aren’t merely a natural, biodegradable customer merchandise lifestyle products company. We carry it one step farther by supplying stress-free convenient shopping for the busy customers.


We are rated #2 in the natural market!

Little Toes diapers are also FREE OF: latex, alcohol, PVC, TBT, phthalates, and preservatives.

Much like all diapers mentioned so far, Little Toes diapers are made with inherently soft bamboo fibers and have 100% bamboo top sheet and back sheet. Little Toes diapers are silky soft, super absorbent, naturally hypoallergenic, and moisture- and thermal-regulating which is what you would expect with a bamboo fiber, right?

Little Toes diapers are advertised as 100% biodegradable. I’m afraid it might be another case of misleading labeling, and here’s why: the core of Little Toes diapers contains fluff pulp and superabsorbent polymer (SAP) on which there is currently no information of origin. Traditional petroleum-based SAP does not biodegrade; plant-based and starch-grafted SAP does – but the latter is something brands usually boast about. So which is it? I’ll keep an eye on this…

Nevertheless, apart from the environmental factor, this is another great addition to Best Non-Toxic Diapers 2019. Little Toes are still one of the safest disposable diapers available today.

Little Toes Disposable Biodegradable Bamboo Diapers by Products on the Go are made with only pure and safe ingredients. They naturally hypoallergenic and biodegradable. The bamboo materials used are free of alcohol, chlorine, additives, perfumes, and phthalates. They are soft to the touch and offer a comfortable fit. They are offered in three different sizes.

Instead of using diapers that will last generations, Little Toes biodegradable disposable diapers will decompose naturally in the soil and sunlight in around 180 days. That’s pretty incredible!

It is easy to think that when a non-toxic diaper is made of natural materials it may not have the performance of the other diapers on the market. Little Toes are great at water locking, preventing leaks, and even keeping your baby dry throughout the night. They use a high-quality Super Absorbent Polymer Core to help ensure this! The triple-stretchable side fastener allows free movement. The elastic-back waistband provides a secure, snug, and comfortable fit for your baby.

These diapers have 100% bamboo top sheet that is soft against your baby’s skin with a 100% bamboo back sheet that is breathable. This allows fresh air to circulate which will keep your baby’s skin dry.

These highly absorbent, ultra-soft bamboo diapers can be purchased in convenient monthly value packs that you can arrange ahead of time. The diapers will arrive in monthly value packs. There are also “Go Kits” available so that you have everything you need for a diaper emergency in one package.


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