Little Toes on the Go Poop Happens Swimmy Style Diaper Changing Set

It never hurts to have a backup, so say hello to what could be the best swim diaper changing set out there. It comes with one disposable nappy plus baby sunscreen, diaper cream, baby wipes, hand wipes and a one-use changing pad. Have a few on hand whenever you’re waterside and you’ll never have to panic about being prepared.


Keeping your baby’s skin free from rashes and other skin irritations is vitally important, especially since they’re skin is far more sensitive to external agents than our skin. That’s why Little Toes Naturally Biodegradable Premium Bamboo Baby Diapers (link to read reviews on Amazon) are one of the most popular bamboo baby diapers for sensitive skin since they tackle this very issue.Baby’s with sensitive skin should be using a bamboo baby diaper like Littles Toes since they ensure they’re bamboo diapers are 100% free of chlorine, alcohol, latex, additives, phthalates, and perfumes. And since they’re made with bamboo, you’re getting a product that’s natural, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic. 

Using bamboo baby diapers is one of the most eco-friendly solutions to excessive waste. By finding yourself an eco-friendly bamboo baby brand you can trust, you’ll be making an impact on the planet that’ll hopefully encourage others to do the same. Little Toes understands that and wants to build a better world for future generations by making eco-friendly baby products.


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