Why Bamboo?

Why bamboo?

Bamboo fibers are organically smooth and round, making them ideal for creating super soft fabric materials. The fibers are naturally hypoallergenic, as bamboo grows rapidly without the use of harmful fertilizers or pesticides, and because the fibers are naturally smooth no chemical treatment is needed to create softness.

  • 70% more absorbent than regular diapers
  • Keeps babies 100% drier as it wicks moisture away from your baby’s
  • Permits fresh air to circulate keeping your baby’s skin dry and comfortable in any temperature
  • Naturally antibacterial and deodorizing
  • Unlike regular diapers that remain in a landfill for up to 550 years
  • bamboo fiber diapers can decompose in just 180 days

What makes Little Toes Bamboo Diapers so ultra-absorbent?

Our super-absorbent core is made from high-quality superabsorbent polymer (SAP). SAP is a harmless, non-toxic and non-pollutant powder that absorbs liquids and transforms them into a gel. This keeps the bamboo bottom back sheet dry, while absorbing the liquid quickly. Independent Lab testing that included premium disposable bamboo diapers as well as conventional diapers rated Little Toes Bamboo Diaper number #1 on absorbent capacity.

What makes Little Toes Bamboo Diapers so soft and comfy?

Our top and back sheets are 100% bamboo which are naturally hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skin. They are unscented and 100% chlorine, alcohol, and latex-free with no additives or phthalates

Our triple-stretchable side fasteners allow your baby to move freely while ensuring a best fit. The elastic-back waistband provides a snug and comfortable fit with no chaffing. By keeping your baby dry and comfortable Little Toes Diapers have the added benefit of either reducing or eliminating the occurrence of diaper rashes. Therefore, our diapers are Doctor recommended, especially for babies with sensitive skin.

When you use Little Toes Ultra Absorbent Natural Diapers Made with Bamboo Fibers, you can be confident that your baby will stay dry and comfortable, day and/or overnight. A happy baby makes a happy mommy and daddy!