How to nurture your relationship once the baby is born?

Dec 25 , 2020

Sharon Buchalter

How to nurture your relationship once the baby is born?


You just had a baby – congratulations! The joy of parenthood is unparalleled. The excitement you feel when your baby clutches your finger or when you see them smile can not be fully described. Establishing a healthy relationship full of love and affection is pivotal for your baby’s physical and mental growth and development. However, the idea of building a relationship with your baby seems confusing at times. What to do? What to look out for?

Show affection to your baby by gently touching them

Show affection to your baby by gently touching them

In today’s blog, I will highlight some important tips to nurture your relationship with your newborn that can help you ease into your new role.

Understanding Your Baby’s Cues

Newborns tend to communicate with their parents by displaying cues. These cues are your baby’s way of telling you what they need. It might take a few weeks to get accustomed to these cues if you’re a first-time parent, but you’ll soon have a command over it. There are specific cues that tell you when your baby is ready to interact or need a rest. Some familiar cues to look out for include:

  • Differences in the pitch of a baby’s cry might indicate different things, i.e., when your baby is tired or when they need a diaper change
  • Rubbing eyes would indicate that the baby is craving sleep
  • Hyperactivity would mean that the baby needs to be held and played with

Every baby has its own unique set of cues. What works for other babies might not work for yours, so try to avoid comparisons and adjust your expectations to the baby’s learning pace.

Taking Proper Care Of Your Baby

Newborns require extra care and attention. Your baby needs to be well taken care of to ensure their proper growth and development. Some steps you can take are:

  • Make sure that the baby is well fed at all times. Especially in the first three months, your baby should be fed every 2-3 hours as it is vital for their wellbeing.
  • Keep checking your baby’s diaper. Try getting bamboo diapers for your baby as they are more absorbent than cotton diapers and are hypoallergenic. The elastic waistband and bamboo fiber offer comfort and flexibility, best for your baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Hold, talk, and cuddle with your baby. This provides a caring touch and makes your baby feel loved and safe, making them trust and recognize their parents.
  • Create a peaceful environment for your baby to sleep undisturbed and ensure that they get 14-17 hours of sleep daily (Yeah, they sleep a lot!).

Taking care of your baby is crucial as it makes them comfortable in your presence. They learn to trust you and feel the love and warmth from their parents.

Take Your Baby For Outings

It is essential to take your baby out for walks and outings every once in a while. Babies need to experience the warmth of the sunlight and the fresh air, both of which are beneficial for their health. However, it would be best if you considered preparing for your diaper bag. This bag will hold all the necessary things that your child needs, i.e., disposable diapers, sippy cups, baby sunscreen, baby blanket, disposable changing pads, and sterile water. If you are considering taking your baby for a swim, make sure to get yourself some swim diapers so that your baby can enjoy the water without becoming uncomfortable.


You do not have to be a perfect parent all the time. Most first-time parents are confused about whether they are taking proper care of their baby. The truth is if you are giving your best, it is enough. Ensuring that your baby feels loved and is well taken care of will help you develop a healthy and loving relationship with your newborn.