Little Toes™ On-The-Go

Sharon Buchalter

Posted on March 20 2019

Little toes on the go baby products

When you’re traveling, changing your baby’s diaper shouldn’t be troublesome.

You already have enough to think about when you’re heading out of the house. Typically, you have to make a checklist:





Changing pad and change of clothes in case of a major “blow-out.”

check & check.


Mom Holding baby on her arms


Sometimes, there’s just no time to whip out this checklist. If you have several children or have a spontaneous soul, it can be troublesome trying to make sure you have everything packed into your diaper bag.

With Little Toes™ changing kits, you can be as impulsive as you want. You just have to remember to pack two things: a changing kit and your sweet babe. These changing kits include natural diapers, wipes, a changing pad, diaper rash cream, and hand wipes to clean up when you’re all done with a quick and easy diaper change.


Little toes baby care products


Here are a few places where a changing kit will surely come in handy:

Theme Parks

Okay, your baby may not be tall enough to ride all the rides, but if you and your hunny want to escape for a day of fun, you’ll want a changing kit to tag along. If you have older kids, they slow down for no one! An all-in-one changing kit becomes an instant life-saver and time-saver when you’re strolling around Disneyland!

Two little kids walking over a bridge



Dusty, muddy, sunny or cold— on-the-go Little Toes kits will have you sold! There is already so much you have to pack for a camping trip, and when you’re in the wilderness, you’re gonna want to be exceptionally prepared.

Each changing kit has exactly what you need when the weather turns bad, hands get messy, and you have to change a poopy bum in the confines your tent.

Baby having fun with father



When there is endless sand and ocean, you’ll want to bask in the sun with your baby and have no cares. These diapers are snug and 60% more absorbent than cotton, so you can prolong the play!

Little Toes “swimmy style” changing kits are equipped with not only the diaper changing essentials, but a natural SPF 30 sunscreen— everything to protect your baby’s bottom and skin.

Little toes swim diapers


Date Night

Even if your baby is tagging along with you and your significant other, you’ll want a stress-free night. Just remember to pack a diaper kit, and you’ll be enjoying a romantic evening for three before you know it.

If you plan to leave your sweetie pie with a babysitter, these changing kits are simply perfect! Leave one right by the changing table, and your sitter won’t have to scrounge around the house looking for all the diaper-changing-necessities.

Mom holding a small baby with her hands


Life can be hectic and random and spontaneous, but it’s meant to be enjoyed!


You only need one thing when the diapers get full— these changing kits have it all.

Put your energy and time into making memories with your baby, rather than making checklists.

Little Toes changing kits make being a busy parent satisfying and rewarding.

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