Preparing for a Beach Day with your Baby

Aug 05 , 2022

Sharon Buchalter

Preparing for a Beach Day with your Baby

We all love the beach. Picture the relaxing sound of the water calming you down as you sit under the shade of your umbrella; or going for a swim in the cool, refreshing water after tanning in the warm sun. But what about the moms who want to have a fun beach day with their little ones? How can you ensure you have a stress-free day with your baby all while making sure you get to stay relaxed in the process? Here are some tips to making that possible: 

  • Peak sunlight hours occur between 10am and 4pm. It would be best to go earlier in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the chance of harmful rays on your child. Thirty minutes before arriving at the beach, ensure that your child has put on reef and kid safe sunscreen with spf 50+. The sunscreen spf 50 from Reef Repair does a great job at protecting yout child and keeping the reefs safe. It is also made from all natural ingredients. Remember to avoid putting sunscreen on a baby under 6 months. Instead, bring a sun hat, full suit rashguard with sun protection, baby sunglasses, and beach shoes. A baby tent or umbrella is also necessary to keep your little one protected and in the shade. A multipurpose baby towel would also prove helpful. The baby towel/blanket from Little Toes is made from 100% luxurious and super soft cotton fleece to keep your baby’s skin warm and comfortable.
  • Disposable diapers or natural baby swim diapers are a must. We recommend Little Toes Swimmy Diapers, as they don’t bulk up in the water and have a double-locking barrier that allows for more coverage around the baby’s legs. This way, you can bring your baby into the water without having to worry about those accidents leaking out. They also have disposable diapers that are hypoallergenic and completely natural, making them the only

disposable water diapers free of Paba, Paraben, Phthalates, alcohol, latex, perfumes and other harsh chemicals. 

  • Snacks and drinks should be refreshing and packed in a small cooler. Bring a sippy cup with formula or any drink your child enjoys. Fruits are always a must when going to the beach as they have high water content to refresh you from the hot sun. 
  • A waterproof baby carrier may also be something to invest in. It will make going in the water an easier process for you, and you won’t have to be holding your baby in your arms the whole time. 
  • Bring a few toys that your child likes to play with to keep them entertained. This could be shovels, buckets, etc. 

While this may seem like a lot for a beach trip, it will be worth the many memories and smiles you get to share with your children. Remember, beach days should be fun, so relax and enjoy your time! I hope these tips were useful, and feel free to leave any feedback.

Author's Bio:

Dr. Sharon Fried Buchalter Ph.D., is a distinguished clinical psychologist, life coach, and public speaker who has worked as a Marriage and Family Therapist and clinical social worker. She received the highest accreditation as a board-certified diplomate-fellow in advanced child and adolescent psychology. She has spent her lifetime educating, enlightening and empowering parents and children of all ages.

She has developed revolutionary tools to help couples, parents, and families achieve happiness and success. Her first book Children Are People Too, provides eight essential steps designed to strengthen families and empower parents to be their own child's life coach and mentor. Her second book New Parents Are People Too, provides relationship advice for couples entering parenthood for the first time.

She is also the founder and owner of Products On The Go and Little Toes.